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Address: LFT Center Berlin, Schützenstraße 10, 12526 Berlin
Country: Germany
Phone: +49 30 692 070 25


SKY4u Aviation Service is a network of aviation related companies, groups, teams and individuals. SKY4u Aviation Service has the  expertise  and  strength  to  develop,  distribute,  provide  and  optimize  aviation  programs, products, training routines. SKY4u Aviation Service evaluates the  risks and possibilities, present solutions to challenges from all fields of aviation and beyond, with the benefit of selected manpower at hand and the core knowledge  to  support  a  wide  range  of  customers,  clients  and  companies  in  their  daily  routines  as well as start-ups and projects.

The focus lies on quality and flexibility, SKY4u Aviation Service strives to excellence and innovation. The  pool of selected crews by SKY4u Aviation Service is ready to join any airline and is ranging from ab initio pilots to Senior Examiners on various types of aircraft. SKY4u Aviation Service is constantly screening and assessing especially zero or low  hour  pilots,  which  are  conducting  various  training  and  preparation  programs  in  order  to  have them best prepared for any upcoming challenge. They are pre-selected, simulator experienced and prepared  in  classroom  lessons  through  our  Airline  Introduction  Programs  "fit-4-flight“  and  the "NGC“, the Next Generation  Course,  giving  you  the  guarantee  for  a  smooth  and  fluent transition into the airline.

As the slogan of Sky4u Aviation Service goes:
Proper  Preparation  Prevents  Poor  Performance – we  are  prepared  to  join you, and so are our pilots.

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Training Offered


Airplane Pilot Training

Airplane Main Courses

Commercial Pilot
Airline Transport Pilot
Instrument Rating

Other Airplane Courses

Training Courses

APCC - Airline Pilot Certificate Course
MCC - Multi Crew Cooperation
JOC - Jet Orientation Course
Screening Preparation
Interview Preparation
Refresher Training
LPC - OPC Preparation
LOFT - Line Oriented Flight Training & real Airline conditions
Type Training
Base Training
Line Training
IFR Training
Instrument Rating
NG Conversion
CRM - Crew Resource Management
C2C - Cabin-2-Cockpit
English Training Program

Other Courses

Simulator Assessment
Psychometric Evaluation
Personal Interview
Knowledge Examination

Pilot Recruitment
Instructor Recruitment
Examiner Recruitment
Cabin Recruitment


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