SIM4u Aviation Service

Contact Information

Address: LFT Center Berlin, Schützenstraße 10, 12526 Berlin
Country: Germany
Phone: +49 30 692 070 25


SIM4u Aviation Service has set itself the goal to offer prospective and active pilots "state of the art" simulator technology, which guarantees a quality and professional training. Original built-up parts, latest navigation technology, high-resolution visual and user-friendly instructor station.
A place close to the real aircraft training safe for pilots, flight schools and airlines.

SIM4u Aviation Service as training provider
The fixed-base simulator completes the service and training portfolio of every training provider optimally. Specifically, the number of practical training hours in the cockpit can be enhanced by the cost-effective use of the fixed-base simulator and thus increasing the quality of training for the customer.

SIM4u Aviation Service is located in Berlin-Schoenefeld
This professionalism is already ensured by the choice of our location. We deliberately based our fixed-base Simulator at the Simulator Center of LFT Lufthansa Flight Training at Berlin-Schoenefeld near the new airport Berlin - Brandenburg International, to enable each pilot the use of the simulator in a qualified and successful surrounding. SIM4u Aviation Service is worldwide the first operator of the approved simulator FNPT II MCC; manufactured by MPS at The Netherlands.

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Training Offered


Airplane Pilot Training

Airplane Main Courses

Commercial Pilot
Airline Transport Pilot
Instrument Rating

Other Airplane Courses

SIM4u Aviation Service and their network
In cooperation with our partner network, clients are using the Simulator (FNPT II MCC B737) for various courses and trainings. Amongst other motives, active and new Pilots have booked our training device for the following reasons:

MCC - Multi Crew Cooperation
JOC - Jet Orientation Course
CPT - Cockpit Procedure Training
FMC or LOFT – Training
LPC - OPC Preparation
Type Rating
Cockpit Introduction
Refresher Training
Airline Screening and Screening Preparation
Instrument Flight Training

Airplane Type Ratings

Boeing - B737-300/900
Boeing - B737 NG

School Equipement

The Boeing B737-800W FNPT II MCC is a "state of the art" and high functional (Fixed-base) Simulator. With the FSTD qualification by German authority (LBA), the device is applicable for several pilot trainings now.


Type ratings