Karen Helicopter Services SA

Contact Information

Address: Aeroporto, Locarno Airport (ZJI), 6596 Gordola, Suisse
Country: Switzerland
Website: http://www.karen-sa.com
Email: school@karen-sa.com
Phone: +41 (0)91 745 09 18


With a consistent number of instructors and years of experience Karen EASA approved ATO flight school provides  high quality instruction. Karen is also certified to provide training compliant to requirements of Russian Federations.
The pilot school provides training from the basic school to complex training on Multi engine helicopters in remote areas with special conditions.
Karen ATO offers to the student a dedicated training thanks to many theoretical and flight instructors with a a lot of experience in training as well as other courses for aviation professionals.

Karen is also able to provide Part-147 engineers type training course on AW139 and AW119 

Training Offered


Helicopter Pilot Training

Helicopter Main Courses

Private Pilot
Commercial Pilot
Airlines Transport Pilot
Instrument Rating
Flight Instructor

Other Helicopter Courses

LAPL(H) Light Airplane Pilot Licence

PPL(H)  Private Pilot Licence

CPL(H) Commercial Pilot Licence

- modular / integrated

ATPL(H) Airline Transport Pilot Licence

- modular / integrated


- integrated

Night Rating (H)

IR(H) Instrumental Rating

- modular

Type Rating Instructor (H)

MCC Multi Crew-Cooperation (H) 

Other Courses

MCC-IFR - Multi-crew cooperation course

MCC-VFR - Multi-crew cooperation course

Mountain Rating

RNAV GNSS Approaches

Aerial Work rating - Cargo hook; long line; vertical reference

Dangerous goods

CRM - crew resource management

Part 147 Engineers  type rating courses on AW139 and AW119


Helicopter Type Ratings

Airbus Helicopters - AS350
Airbus Helicopters - AS350B3
Airbus Helicopters - EC120
Airbus Helicopters - EC130B4
Airbus Helicopters - SA315
Airbus Helicopters - SA316
Airbus Helicopters - SA319
Agusta Westland - AW109
Agusta Westland - AW119
Agusta Westland - AW139
Bell - 206
Bell - 212
Bell - 412

Helicopter Type Ratings Details

A109 MP

A139 MP

AW109 MP

Bell212/412 MP


Type ratings