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Address: Gloucestershire Airport, Hangar 35, Cheltenham GL51 6SR
Country: United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0) 1452 715 630


Global Aviation Training Services provides aviation training at its UK campus at Gloucestershire Airport. Air Traffic Control Courses are certified by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). The organisation has also been approved by the UK CAA Initial Training Provider for several years. 

Aviation courses at Global Aviation Training Services vary in duration from short-term requirements to year long requirements, depending on the customer and the courses scheduled. Aviation English training is a core service delivery and meets ICAO and Eurocontrol standards for minimum Level 4 English requirements.

English Language development is enhanced by unique Host Family Programme of Global Aviation Training Services whereby students are housed with English families to provide 24/7 exposure.

Global Aviation Training Services has provided training solutions to Airport Authorities and ATC Organisations from around the world. Customers have the choice of having the training completed in the UK or in the host country. Foreign clients include Spain, Kazakhstan, Hong Kong, Mongolia, Macau, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Libya, Iraq, Seychelles, Bermuda and Bahrain amongst others.

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Training Offered


Air Traffic Control Schools

Other Courses


UK CAA approvals under  
Commission Regulation (EU) 805/2011:

- Basic Course (5 week duration)
- Basic Course (6 week duration)
- Approach Control Procedural
- Aerodrome Control Instrument
- Approach Control Surveillance

UK CAA approvals under
Air Navigation Order, Article 197:

- OJTI Endorsement Course
- OJTI Refresher Course
- Examiner Endorsement Course
- College Assessor and Verifier Courses
- Unit Assessor and Verifier Courses
- English Language Raters Course for ATCO’s
- English Language Proficiency Assessments for ATCO’s.

Registered on the ICAO website at:

- ICAO 051 ATC Basic Induction
- ICAO 052 Aerodrome Control
- ICAO 053 Approach Control Procedural
- ICAO 054 Approach Control Radar
- ICAO 054 Area Control Radar
- ICAO 055 Area Control Procedural
- ICAO 059 On the Job Training Instructors (OJTI)
- ICAO 059 ATC Refresher and Emergency Continuation Training
- ICAO 059 ATC Examiner’s Course
- ICAO 291 English Language
- Introduction to Safety Management Systems (SMS)
- Air Traffic Services Instructor Course


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