Contact Information

Address: Aeroporto Urbe, Via Salaria 825, Hangar PG6, 00138 Rome
Country: Italy
Website: http://www.aviomarscuoladivolo.com
Email: info@aviomarscuoladivolo.com
Phone: +39 06 88327358


Aviomar is a well-established, primary ATO -  Approved Training Organization located in Rome Urbe Airport, in the heart of Rome.
We are certified in accordance to JAR FCL regulations and are fully qualified to carry out a wide range of approved courses from the Private Pilot (PPL) to the frozen ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot Licence-Integrated).
Our staff comprises of an experienced team of flight and ground instructors headed by Capt. Riccardo Marano, our Head of Training.
We run a fleet of Cessna and Piper aircraft besides a state-of-the-art Alsim ALX flight simulator available for advance IFR, MCC and Jet Orientation training.
Aviomar is a recognized and established leader in the aviation industry, offering a full range of professional pilot training, maintenance, aerial work and sales services throughout Italy.
All our flight and maintenance operations are conducted in accordance to strict european and ENAC (Italian CAA) regulations and our ATO (Approved Training Organization) is certified on no. IT.ATO.0003
Our operations base is located in Roma Urbe Airport (LIRU), moments away from the centre of Rome. Our training centre comprises of modern and comfortable class and briefing rooms, a state-of-the-art flight simulator and a vast fleet of aircraft which combined to a staff made up of some of the most experienced and sought-after professionals in the Italian aviation industry ensure top-noch training for future airline pilots.

Aviomar is an ATO Flight School, EASA Part FCL certificate

Training Offered


Airplane Pilot Training

Airplane Main Courses

Private Pilot
Commercial Pilot
Airline Transport Pilot
Instrument Rating
Flight Instructor

Other Airplane Courses

Flight School
IT.ATO.0003 Crtificate

PPL A - Private Pilot Licence
ATPL A - Integrated
ATPL A - Modular Theory
ATPL A - Distance Learning Theory
CPL/IR A - Integrated
CPL A - Modular Flight
CPL A - Modular Theory
CPL A - Distance Learning Theory
IR A - Modular Flying or Synthetic Training
IR A - Modular Theory
IR A - Distance Learning Theory
CRI - TRI - SFI - MCCI - Instructor Courses
DG - Dangerous Goods
CRM - Crew Resource Management
Flight Instructor Refresher Seminar
English & Aviation English Courses - TEA

Other Courses

CRM (Initial, Recurrent, Flight Crew, Cabin Crew, Joint)

Dangerous Goods

English & Aviation English Courses

TEA (Test of English for Aviation) ELP Centre

Airplane Type Ratings

Airbus - A320
Boeing - B737-300/900
Boeing - B737-600
Boeing - B737-700
Boeing - B737-700C
Boeing - B737-700ER
Boeing - B737-800
Boeing - B737-900ER
Cessna - 206 A-T Soloy
Cessna - 208 Caravan
Cessna - C 501
Cessna - C 551
Cessna - Caravan
Cessna - Citation II 500
Cessna - Citation II 550
Cessna - Citation II 560
Cessna - Citation II 650
Cessna - Citation III
Cessna - Citation V
Cessna - Grand Caravan
Hawker Beechcraft - Hawker 800XPR
Hawker Beechcraft - Hawker 900XP
Hawker Siddeley - HS-25
Pilatus - PC-6
Raytheon Hawker - BAE 125

School Equipement

Alsim ALX Simulator

14 aircraft 


Type ratings