AeroPyrenees Flight Center

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Address: Aeroport de Perpignan, 66000 Perpignan
Country: France
Phone: +33(0)4 68 61 06 19

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AeroPyrenees Flight Centre trains 200 pilots every year. Aeropyrenees began training pilots in 1970, the year in which Gerard Pic opened the first professional piloting school in the private sector. In 2009, this flight school is still steady on course by adopting new didactic methods, along with modern equipment, which allow to ensure the training timetable is duly respected and much shorter. Since its inception, the school has trained students for over 350,000 hours and eight Airbuses A380 would not be enough to carry all the students that have obtained their licenses and qualifications here.

Based at the Perpignan Airport, Aeropyrenees possesses a fleet of 9 Pipers and Rallyes equipped with IFR. Its income reaches the 1.9 million Euros mark and the company is comprised of 11 full-time employees. Each year, 50 flight instructors and 150 professional pilots are trained. Since 3 years, a section for ATPL(A) has been created, with theory and practical courses for line pilots, of which, the first 2 sessions had a favorable outcome of 95%.

The school is directed towards offering personalized high-quality training necessary to access eventual careers in the aviation sector. Thanks to its FTO (Flight Training Organization) status, obtained and passed by the French Civil Aviation Authority in 2001, the school has reached international magnitude and is capable of training future pilots from any country in Europe.

With 18 different training routes, the school offers a near totality of the qualifications and licenses available on the market in the European ?training industry?.

As Ghislaine Berrere points out, who is the current manager of Aeropyrenees: ?Considering each student?s expectations, and understanding what specific professional projects are, is fundamental for our school,? and adds: Aeropyrenees proposes a method of teamwork that equals what you would find in a normal airline. The permanent indoctrination of students by our instructors allows them to enrich their knowledge and to augment their experience. Aeropyrenees addresses common interests of students and/or companies and emphasizes coordination and continuity from theory to gaining experience through practice.

Furthermore, the school cooperates with the local Aero Club by initiating about forty young men every year on the basic notions of piloting.

Recently, Aeropyrenees invested in a flight simulator that will permit them to develop and certify higher-level training, as with MCC, IFR flights, and Beech 200 Type Ratings; this will enable students to directly integrate themselves in the pilots employment market.

Aeropyrenees is an ATO Flight School, JAR FCL 1 Certificate, and a School of Aeronautics

Training Offered


Airplane Pilot Training
Air Traffic Control Schools
Airport Jobs Training
Flight Attendant Schools

Airplane Main Courses

Private Pilot
Commercial Pilot
Airline Transport Pilot
Instrument Rating
Flight Instructor

Other Airplane Courses

PPL A - Private Pilot Licence
ATPL A - Integrated
ATPL A - Modular Theory
ATPL A - Distance Learning Theory
CPL A - Modular Flight
CPL A - Modular Theory
CPL A - Distance Learning Theory
CPL/IR A - Integrated
IR A - Modular Flying or Synthetic Training
IR A - Modular Theory
IR A - Distance Learning Theory
MEP A - Multi Engine Piston
FI A - Flight Instructor
MCC A - Multi Crew Cooperation
IRI (A) Instrument Rating Instructor
CRI - Class Rating Instructor
FAA to EASA licence conversion

Airplane Type Ratings

Cessna - 208 Caravan
De Havillard Canada - DHC 6
Hawker Beechcraft - BE 100
Hawker Beechcraft - BE 200
Hawker Beechcraft - BE 90 King Air


Type ratings