AeroPyrenees Flight Center - Toussus-le-Noble

Contact Information

Address: Aeroport de Toussus-le-Noble, Bat 101, Zone Est, 78117 Chateaufort
Country: France
Phone: +33 (0) 71 42 70 01

Headquarter / Branches


In 2013, Aeropyrenees opened a new flight center near Paris, in the famous Toussus-le-Noble Airport.

This flight center is based on 400 sqm’s office, fully equipped for aeronautic training.
With 40 years of experience, Aeropyrenees allows you to develop your skills from private to professional flying.
Different licences are proposed in this center.
The fleet is composed with single and twin engines aircraft (as TB20, PA28, P2006, VIRUS...).

Training Offered


Airplane Pilot Training

Airplane Main Courses

Private Pilot
Commercial Pilot
Airline Transport Pilot
Instrument Rating
Flight Instructor


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