The Multi-crew Pilot Licence (MPL) at CTC Aviation

CTC Media Release: 13 October 2014

Recent announcements from UK-based Monarch Airlines that it intends to restructure its operations to emerge reinvented as a leading scheduled low cost European airline, have resulted in a consequential reduction in its current number of pilots.

Six of the pilots affected are experienced co-pilots on the Airbus A320 holding an unrestricted Multi-crew Pilot Licence (MPL) obtained through CTC WINGS training with UK-based CTC Aviation.  A further 6 trainee Monarch Airlines pilots were part-way through training for the issue of an MPL, also with CTC Aviation.

Upon announcement of these reductions in pilot numbers, the CTC Aviation and Monarch Airlines management teams immediately worked proactively together to try and resolve the situation for the affected pilots and have demonstrated the inherent flexibility and transferability of the new MPL; thus dispelling industry concerns about the transferability of the MPL between airlines.

For the pilots still undergoing training, CTC Aviation approached another CTC Partner airline - easyJet - to determine whether the airline would be willing to accept the trainees onto an easyJet sponsored CTC WINGS MPL airline pilot career programme.  Within a few days, all six trainee pilots had passed the easyJet selection process and they have already recommenced their MPL training under the easyJet brand; all within 1 month of the initial Monarch Airlines announcement.  The MPL airline transfer process was also agreed and supported expeditiously by the UK CAA given that both airlines are sponsoring A320 MPL programmes.

In addition, six experienced MPL licenced First Officers currently flying with Monarch Airlines, have undergone a similar process of support and collaboration between CTC Aviation and CTC Partner airlines flybe and BA to help find new flying opportunities.  These pilots will either have to complete an ‘Operator Conversion Course’ (OCC) if they are remaining on the same aircraft type, or a further type rating course if they are changing aircraft type.

Mike Redrupp, Chief Operating Officer - Airline Training for CTC Aviation says “we have proved to the UK CAA and the airline industry that the MPL training system is flexible enough to ride misfortunes like this and still deliver a first class airline pilot for our industry”

Eddie Sproul, Head of Training for easyJet also commented “I’m genuinely delighted that we’ve been able both to help the trainee pilots and ensure that the quality of the pilots coming into easyJet remains at the high standard set by CTC Aviation and our airline by working in close partnership.”

Benjamin Taylor,  CTC WINGS MPL trainee pilot endorsed these actions by saying “the support provided to us by CTC Aviation was amazing and for us to be continuing our MPL training with easyJet so soon after the Monarch announcement has exceeded all our expectations – thank you to both CTC Aviation and easyJet!”

Martin Dudley, Chief Pilot, Monarch Airlines said; “Monarch recognises that continuity of training is important and we are pleased that we have been able to take a proactive approach to secure ongoing MPL training through CTC Aviation.”

Success of the MPL is based upon the training provider, the airline sponsor and the regulator working together in genuine partnership.  These recent events admirably illustrate ‘proof of concept’; even under the unfortunate circumstances of an airline reducing MPL licensed pilot numbers.

This type of proactive industry collaboration is clear evidence that the MPL system works and will continue to grow as a relevant and reliable airline pilot licensing system for the future.

CTC Aviation works with a number of CTC Partner airlines around the world to deliver both MPL and ATPL airline pilot career programmes.  The company employs a dedicated Graduate Placement Team working on behalf of its pilots to facilitate placement as a First Officer and maintains a 98% graduate employment record.


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