Selection test structure - CAE Oxford Brussels

How to Enroll.
To be admitted to the selection tests, candidates must:

Be between 17 and 27 years old
Have successfully completed secondary education

To be admitted to the selection tests for the course, candidates must provide the folloiwng:

Completed registration File (see below)
Curriculum Vitae (CV)
Copy of identity card or passport
Letter of Motivation of 20 lines maximum
Certificate of good moral conduct (for foreigners: a certificate of  nationality)
Copy of the medical license (or a copy of the confirmation of the appointment for the medical examination (see below)
Information about financial planning. This can be done together with ING, KBC or with the candidate's own bank
A medical examination (CLAB I) must be performed before starting at CAE Global Academy Brussels.
Contact the SFA Consulting Medical & Prevention Services

Selection procedure
Our selection procedure will focus on three major fields of competence:

Intellectual learning capacity (test English & test Physics)
Future pilot skills / aptitude (psychometric test & simulator test)
Personality / Motivation / psychological profile


The test is based on the knowledge required at the end of secondary school (level comparable with 2 hours of physics per week) and takes 1h30.
The holders of an academic degree are not exempted.


Oral, grammatical knowledge as well as vocabulary

CAE Aircrew Selection System (CAB) test

Assess, Develop and Performance Training
System Content:
Online questionnaire
Structured interview with 2 instructors
Physical assessment using PC-based equipment to test aptitudes, for example:
Situational awareness
Decision making
Verbal reasoning
Psychomotor skills
Team player
Problem solver
Debriefing is based on video of physical assessment

Result analyses

Decision board

Pre training
There are ways to work at your skills and competences, even before starting a professional pilot training program.

Theoretical preparation
In a pilot training many of major subjects are based on physics and mathematics. A scientific education therefore is an advisable path. It is not mandatory, but is it a step in the good direction.
Another important skill is the knowledge of the English language. As all radio communication is in English, all courseware is in English, a good level of English can give you a head start the day you decide to start your professional training. Exchange projects, language trainings in public holidays, intensive language training in school or some private lessons can make a big difference in your later training.

Practical background

What practical preparation is concerned; the situation is a bit more complicated. Having some real flying experience can help to better understand the job of your dreams, but not all experience is proven to be positive. This concept is known is negative learning. Be aware that your flight instructor is aware of your aspirations of becoming a professional pilot and if possible, try to look for instructors with experience with jet aircraft flying.

Sabena Flight Academy sponsors Zweefvliegclub Albatros:

A good way to get the first taste of real flying is glider flying. Through partnerships with 2 glider organizations you can get your first experiences, during school holidays or in weekends. CNVV and Albatros Zweefvliegclub are 2 professional Belgian glider clubs, with professional instructors who will train you to think as an airline pilot. Contact them to get the special CAE Global Academy conditions.


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