Over 99% of CTC Aviation cadet graduates have been placed with airlines

World leading airline training company embarks on its biggest ever campaign to recruit pilot cadets

• After two years graduate salaries are between £30,000 and £50,000
• Over 99% of CTC Aviation cadet graduates have been placed with airlines
• 235,000 new pilots needed worldwide
• 91% of pilots expect the number of air passengers to increase over the next five years (1)
• 66% of pilots anticipate that over the next five years, the amount of revenue generated by the aviation industry will increase (12% expects a dramatic rise here). Only 18% anticipate a fall (1)

CTC Aviation, one of the world’s largest pilot training companies working with over 50 global airlines including British Airways, easyJet and Qatar Airways, says that between now and 2020, the industry needs to find over 235,000 new pilots to meet growing demand for air travel.
The company says that with a difficult employment market in the wider economy, huge demand for more pilots and starting salaries ranging from anywhere between £30,000 and £50,000, there has never been a better time to become a pilot. 
The company is embarking on its biggest ever global campaign to find pilot cadets. In 2012, more than 99 percent of ‘CTC Wings’ Cadet Graduates have been placed with an airline, a reflection of the quality of their training and the fact that they achieve some of the highest grades in the industry. Between 2003 and 2013, CTC Aviation received 64,800 pilot training applications.

Martin Hunt, Managing Director, CTC Aviation Training (UK) Limited, said: “Globally there are currently around 22,000 commercial jets and this is forecast to grow to 40,000 by 2030.  Similarly, there are just under 150,000 pilots but over the next seven years, the aviation industry needs to find a further 235,000 not only to meet the demands for more airline travel, but also replace those who retire.

“We are looking to find potential pilot cadets from around the world.  Candidates should demonstrate the skills, knowledge and attitude required of an airline pilot.  These qualities are assessed during selection through a series of aptitude and intelligence tests, team skill exercises and interviews to provide a snapshot of a candidate’s training potential.  Leadership and decision making skills are developed and honed during the training programme.”

New research(1) from CTC Aviation with 916 pilots from around the world reveals that 91% expects the number of air passengers to increase over the next five years, compared to just 2.7% who expect it to decline. 

When asked how they see the industry developing between now and 2018, other key findings include:
• More than a third of pilots surveyed anticipate a double digit percentage rise in the number of air passengers
• 66% of pilots anticipate that the amount of revenue generated by the aviation industry will increase (12% expects a dramatic rise here). Only 18% anticipates a fall
• 45% of pilots believe that the financial health of airlines will improve, compared to 31% who expect it to deteriorate
• Only 6% believe that the level of leisure aviation will decline, compared to 82% who anticipate growth
• 73% of pilots believe that the volume of business aviation movements will increase over this timeframe

In terms of growth globally, CTC Aviation’s research reveals that pilots believe that the Asia Pacific aviation market will see the strongest revenue growth over the next 10 years.  Some 41% anticipate that it will increase by more than 40% over this period, compared to 26.7% who said this for the Middle East market.  This is followed by 19.2% who expect this scale of growth for the aviation sector in Africa.
Region The percentage of pilots who expect this aviation market to see revenue growth of over 40% during the next 10 years
Asia Pacific 41.0%
Middle East 26.7%
Africa 19.2%
South America 14.1%
Central America 9.9%
North America 5.6%
Europe  4.8%


CTC Aviation Group Limited is a global leader in aviation training and management solutions. It delivers training around the world for airlines and individual pilots alike, from basic licence training all the way through to examiner standardisation programmes for highly experienced airline captains.
The company offers state of the art training facilities, highly qualified instructor teams and – most of all – it has long term partnerships with some of the best airline names around.
‘CTC Wings’ is the company’s flagship, integrated and innovative training programme for tomorrow’s airline pilots. The different routes into the programme offer opportunities for aspiring pilots with varying degrees of experience (including zero!) around the world to train.  
The CTC Wings Cadet route is aimed at candidates with little or even no flying experience.  Here, candidates are taken through the basics on single-engine and multi-engine flying and depending on the opportunities available at the time, on to jet training and airline type rating with one of the company’s well-known partner airlines.
The company’s Crew Training Centres are located in the United Kingdom and New Zealand.
Overall details of the training include:
• Training is airline focused from day one
• CTC Wings Cadet graduates achieve some of the best results in the industry a€¨
• CTC Wings has an exceptional (over 99%) employment record for its graduate pilots
• Both single and twin engine training aircraft are equipped with Garmin 1000 avionics
• Its Boeing and Airbus simulators are equipped with the latest visual systems
• An opportunity to complete a BSc Honours Degree in Professional Airline Pilot Practice

The financial investment in the Cadet course is £89,800 over two years, and this includes training and accommodation. Some airlines will repay part or all of this once pilots join them after graduating.
CTC provides a unique “Performance Protection” package which greatly reduces the financial risk for trainee pilots.  This protection safeguards a great deal of their investment by providing a refund of up to £84,800(3) in case of failure before the final stage of training.



(1) CTC Aviation research with 916 pilots.  The research was conducted online between 27th February 2013 and 3rd March 2013. 
(2) Eurostat
(3) Subject to terms and conditions



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