Non-Profit Organisation

Non-Profit Organisation Project

Our new Non-Profit 0rganisation is coming soon

We are pleased to present the major changes we are making to AVIATION TRAINING GUIDE, the reference website for all those looking for information on pilot courses and aviation training in the world.
Aviation Training Guide was created 9 years ago and has undergone significant changes and updates over time. Its free and independent information service for future students, flight schools and other companies in the sector must rightly be considered of public utility for the pilot training community.
Its existence and its longevity are mainly due to the financial contribution and the unremitting work of its founder, Mr Milco Massetti, and to the contribution of dozens of flight schools who have trusted us and have believed seriously about our involvement.

But our aim is to go further, to make our action much more concrete and useful, so we will need to rely on a much broader financial support than the current one, hence the decision to change our legal structure into a Non-Profit Organisation.
This change will enable us to organize campaigns to collect donations in the first place from all the actors of the aviation training, but also from other associations and individuals.

The Constitution and the rules of the new Association, and obviously the total amount of donations collected and their destination, will be clearly displayed and always accessible to all on

The Association agrees to use the money raised for the following purposes:

A - Ensure the permanence and constant updating of the website, guaranteeing its independence and its nature of public utility

B - To assist pilot students in financial difficulty, following a case-by-case study carried out by a committee of experts appointed for this purpose. (Pilot candidates from Third World countries, students who have lost money at a flight school in bankruptcy, pilot students having to overcome a life accident etc…

We are proud to share this noble project with you

Milco Massetti